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Bush's Faustian Deal: Saddam Hussein & Chemical Weapons

Saddam Hussein was allied with the US from 1981 until the Gulf War. He had been on the CIA payroll since 1959. The US armed Saddam in order to use him in their proxy war with Iran. The US administration knew he was using poison gas against Iranians, Shiites and Kurds and did nothing. The Reagan defense establishment along with Donald Rumsfeld should be indicted for war crimes along with Saddam Hussein.

In the Following Ney York Times article former intelligence officials in the Reagan administration acknowleged that the US supplied Saddam with weapons and battle field intelligence in his war with Iran knowing full well that he was using Poison Gas against them.


By PATRICK E. TYLER Published: August 18, 2002


Bush claimed he had evidence that Iraq was producing weapons of Mass destruction. He used that assertion to justify invading Iraq. He had Colin Powell go to the UN and say that Iraq was producing biological weapons. (275) He also said Saddam attempted to by uranium from Niger. This story later proved to be a fabrication. The documents were
forged. To date no weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq.

He tried to insinuate that there was a connection to Saddam Hussein
and Al Qaeda. There in fact was no such link. Former Bush Secretary of
State, Colin Powell publiclly stated there was no Iraq link to Al

See the New York Times article "Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda are not
allies." Abu Musab Al Zarqawi did not begin to infiltrate Iraq a full
year later. Saddam was a secular Sunni not a Wahabi fundamentalist
Sunni like Zarqawi.

websources: Colin Powell on Saddam and Al Qaeda

Richard Clarke former counterterrorism czar tells how the Bush administration pushed to link Iraq to Alqaeda in the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks even though no link existed. For more on this discussion please go this site:

Clarke's Take On Terror

What Bush's Ex-Adviser Says About Efforts to Stop War On Terror


Richard Clarke former counterterrorism czar in the Bush administration told of how Wolfwitz was saying that Iraq was the statesponsor for Al Qaeda. "Finally Wolfowitz turned to me. "You give bin Laden too much credit. He could not do all of these things like the 1993 attack on New York, not without a state sponsor. Just because the FBI and CIA have failed to find linkages does not mean they don't exist.' I could hardly believe it but Wolfowitz was actually spouting the discredited Laurie Mylroie theory that Iraq was behind the 1993 truck bomb at the World Trade Center, a theory that had been investigated for years and found to be totally untrue." "Against all Enemies", p232


Newyork times article: "Saddam Hussein and Al qaeda are not allies"

Proof US supported Saddam in the 1980's when he was using poison gas

Furthermore US companies had been exporting to Iraq items related to
the manufacturing of biological weapons. The administration of GHWB
throughout July 1990 opposed Congress's attempt to visit sanctions on
Iraq. Then on july 19 1990 The State Dept. sent a memo advocating
tougher export controls with Iraq in regards to its brisk trade with
western firms involved in chemical and biological weapons production.
As Unger states: "According to the memo a review had uncovered 73
export licenses for goods sent to Iraq that were "probably
proliferation related," including 17 licenses for bacteria that could
be used with biological weapons and computers for chemical and weapons
programs." (Unger, 131)

House of Bush, House of Saud: The Secret Relationship Between the World's Two Most Powerful Dynasties


Also see this report that underlines the fact that the US exported
poison gas to Iraq. Dean Foust and John Carey, "A US Gift to Iraq:
Deadly Virus," Business Week, September 20, 2002

Also according to Unger, in 1984 the Centers for Disease Control in
Atlanta began supplying Saddam with viruses...", retroviruses,
bacteria, and even tissue that was infected with the bubonic
plauge...and several types of West Nile virus." (68 - 69)

By November 1983, a US State Department memo confirmed Iraqi chemical
weapons producers were buying materials "from western firms, including
possibly a US foreign subsidiary."(Unger, 67) Also see "Iraq Use of
Chemical Weapons," unclassified memo from Jonathan Howe to the
secretary, November 1st 1983
, National Security Archives. Also see
Howe's memo to Lawerence Eagleburger regarding Western firms selling
Chemical weapons related technology to Saddam Huessin.

See the declassified Memos:



see this washington post article:

Bush I finally lost his cool with Saddam when he invaded Kuwait. GHWB
had many ties to Kuwait. The former emir had granted his struggling
oil company, Zapata Offshore an exclusive contract to build Kuwait's
first offshore oil rig. Bush was indebted to Kuwait and he showed it.
Operation Desert Storm was considered a success but Bush I left Saddam
in power.

Currently, Saddam was sentenced to death by hanging, by a US backed Iraqi Court for using
poison gas on the Kurds in Halabja in March 1988. What most Americans
do not know is that is the poison gas was dispersed with US supplied
helicopters. (79) No doubt Saddam deserves the sentence of death.
However, this mass murderer was the US's Frankenstein. The US was
still allies with Saddam during the time he was using poison gas to
quell his opposition. While the US tried to claim plausible
deniability regarding their support for Saddam when he was using
chemical weapons, the Reagan Bush administration claimed that they
tried to pressure him from gassing his opposition; the reality was
Saddam continued to use Chemical weapons and the US continued to
support him.

Saudi Royal family's link to Osama Bin Laden:
Abu Zubaydah and Saudi prince Ahmed bin Salman Abdul Aziz

Abu Zubaydah was an Al Qaeda operative who was apprehended by US
forces in Pakistan. During his interrogation in which he was
administered sodium pentothal, he said that the royal family of Saudi
Arabia had made a deal with Al Qaeda, allowing them to remain in the
country so long as Al Qaeda did not attack the royal family.
Zubaydah's initial interrogators were Pakistani ISI and so he believed
that if he could name his benefactor, Prince Ahmed he would be
released. It turns out he had the cell phone number of the prince. He
also said the prince knew beforehand that 9/11 was going to happen. On
September 22nd the prince mysteriously died of a heart attack.
Zubaydah named other princes and they died within weeks of Prince
Ahmed. (Unger, Craig. "House of Bush House of Saud," 268)

Also see Princess Haifa who gave two of the 9/11/01 hijakers money.

Zubaydah also named Pakistani Air Marshall, Mushaf Ali Mir as a key
contact. Mushaf died in a plane crash not long after Zubaydah
implicated him. Definitely, this is evidence of a cover-up.

Furthermore, Bush refused to declassify a 900-page report about Saudi
Arabia's role in 9/11. Senator Bob Graham said, "They are protecting a
foreign government." (Unger, 277)

Source: Unger, Craig. House of Bush House of Saud


Bush went AWOL when he was in the National Guard.
"In 1972 orders required Bush to report to a lieutenant colonel...
William Turnipseed, in Montgomery Alabama. But according to
Turnipseed, Bush never showed up." (Unger, Craig. "House of Bush House
of Saud," pg. 115)