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NOTE: 9/11/2011, How did 19 Al Qaeda terrorists hijack 4 planes with only box cutters as weapons? That's 800 people held hostage by approximately 4.5 terrorists per plane.

Remote piloting by AWAC??? or cowardice!!!

Background on the Bush family:
The NAZI Connection

George Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush was a banker for Adolph Hitler.

In 1942 Prescott Bush had his assets in the Union Banking Corporation seized under
the Trading with the Enemy Act. Prescott's Union Banking Corp worked
for Brown Brothers Harriman, which was owned by Nazi Financier Fritz
Thyssen. Bush helped Thyssen move assets through front companies
around the world. Thyssen became wealthy when Hitler decided to rearm
Germany. He had owned the largest steel company in Germany. Bush also
had financial dealings with several German companies who utilized
slave labor from NAZI concentration camps.

For more info: http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,12271,1312540,00.html

Adolph Hitler was a quarter Jewish. According to the english newspaper the http://www.telegraph.co.uk Hitler's descendants tested positive for Jewish DNA! https://web.archive.org/web/20200215154309/https://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/world-war-two/7961211/Hitler-had-Jewish-and-African-roots-DNA-tests-show.html


The Wall Street Journal reported in its september 27 th 2001 issue that George Bush's Father was in Business with the Bin Laden family through a fund controlled by the Carlyle Group, a defense contracting company. The article also says that the Bin Laden family and the Bush family would profit from the increased military spending in the wake of the september 11 th, 2001 terrorist attacks. Also George W. Bush indirectly recieved a 50000 dollar investment in his first company, Arbusto energy, from James Bath, Salem Bin Laden's personal representitive to the United States. James Bath was also a classmate of George W Bush when he was enrolled in flight school at the Army National Guardf. To read the article click on the following URL: note you will need to get a subscription to read the full article.


if you want to read the article for free then CLICK HERE

Bush and the CIA had plenty of warnings to know that Osama Bin Laden
was planning a terrorist attack on American soil. The first warning
that Osama was targeting US government installations was when his Al
Qaeda organization bombed the Khobar towers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in
1996. The second warning came in 1998when Osama bombed 2 US embassies
in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es alaam, Tanzania. The next warning came in
2000 , when Osama bombed the US naval ship, the USS Cole.

The Terrorist Warnings on George W. Bush's Watch

A total lapse in Judgment: The US State Department's Visa Express Program

In June of 2001 The US State department instituted a new program for
Saudi nationals wanting to visit the US. The Visa Express program did
not require a face to face interview. Most applicants only had to send
off their applications by mail to gain approval. According to Unger
and a US Consular official Jessica Vaughan, the mailing of
applications and approval of visas by mail created a likely scenario
of identity fraud.

Three people who were approved for Visas by the State Department's
Visa Express program in Saudi Arabia, turned out to 9/11 hijackers.
Their names were Abdulaziz Alomari, Khalid Almidhar and Salem Alhazmi.
Alomari with Muhammed Atta at the controls crashed Flight 11 into the
World trade center. Almidhar crashed Flight 77 into the Pentagon.
Alhamzi was on the same flight as Al-midhar.


911Commission.gov archive: This is chapter 5 of the 911 commission's report on how the State Department under George W. Bush, instituted a new program called Visa Express, for Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, which is how the majority of the hijackers, got into this country.


Unger, Craig. "House of Bush House of Saud," pgs. 231, 247-248, 260

The easy path to the United States for three of the 9/11 hijackers
By Edward T. Pound
US News And World Report


On July 10th 2001, Kenneth Williams an agent with the FBI submitted a
memo to his superiors indicating that agents of Osama Bin Laden were
attending Arizona and Florida flight schools and that they were not
staying long enough to learn how to land. The FBI's Phoenix memo was
classified by the Counter terrorism Division as a low threat priority.
Two of the suspects in Williams's investigation, Hani Hanjour and
Nawaf al Hamzi later crashed flight 77 into the pentagon on 9/11/01.

Excerpt from the Phoenix memo:

"The purpose of this communication is to advise the Bureau...of the
possibility of a coordinated effort by Usama Bin Laden to send
students to the United States to attend civil aviation
universities...Phoenix has observed an inordinate number of
individuals of investigative interest who are attending or who have
attended civil aviation colleges in the state of Arizona"

"Phoenix believes that it is more than a coincidence that subjects who
are supporters of UBL [Usama Bin Laden] are attending Civil aviation...
colleges in the state of Arizona. As receiving offices are aware,
Phoenix has had significant UBL associates/operatives living in the
state of Arizona conducting activity in support of UBL. Wadih El Hage,
a UBL lieutenant recently convicted for his role in the 1998 bombings
of US embassies in Africa, lived in Tuscon, Arizona for several years
in the 1980's."



Kenneth Williams: Man of the Memo Sunday, May. 19, 2002 By DAVID


The second warning came when Bush was given a memo, entitled "Bin
Laden Determined to Strike US."

The PDB memo underlined that Bin Laden
was planning to "bring the fighting to America." Bush gave the memo
low priority.

Excerpt of the memo:

"Clandestine, foreign government and media reports indicate Bin Laden
since 1997 has wanted to conduct terrorist attacks in the US."
The declassified version of the Memo is available @


Bush also received warnings from German and Russian intelligence
services. Both The German and Russian sources said terrorists were
planning to hijack planes and that Al Qaeda was planning to attack US


"German Intelligence alerted the Central Intelligence agency,
Britain's MI-6 intelligence service, Israel's Mossad in June 2001 that
Middle Eastern terrorists were training for Hijackings and targeting
American and Israeli interests...Russian President Vladimir Putin has
said publicly that he ordered his intelligence agencies to alert the
United States last summer [2001] that suicide pilots were training for
attacks on US Targets."


A shot in the Dark
According to the Israeli Newspaper, Haaretz, in an article entitled
"Odigo says workers were warned of attack," by Yuval Dror, two
employees of the Odigo received instant messages warning that
terrorist attacks were going to occur a full two hours before they


Also some Israelis were detained for filming the World trade center moments before the towers fell.

click here for the story

George Bush let Osama Binladen escape into Pakistan at the Battle of Tora Bora, in December 2001. Had this not happened the war in afghanistan would have long been over!!!!!!

During the early stages of the Afghan-Al Qaeda war, specifically at the Battle of Tora Bora in December of 2001, when US commandos had Bin Laden in their sights, Bush defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld refused to commit more forces to the region, and he ordered US army Delta force to stand down thereby allowing the Al Qaeda leader to slip into Afghanistan. Military experts at the time pointed out if we had captured Osama Bin Laden then the war would not have morphed in to the longest ongoing war in America's history!!!! https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CPRT-111SPRT53709/html/CPRT-111SPRT53709.htm

Irony or Prophesy
According to statement posted on former Congressman Christopher Cox's
website on the day of the terrorist attacks, Cox describes that he is
with Paul Wolfowitz and Don Rumsfeld discussing how they could win
enough votes for Bush's defense plan. Cox then says, Donald Rumsfeld
blurted out: "And let me tell you, I've been around the block a few
times. There will be another event." He repeated it with
emphasis""There will be another event." "Within minutes of that
utterance, Rumsfeld's words proved tragically prophetic." Christopher
Cox was the former republican chairman of the House Select Committee
on Intelligence. In 2005 he was appointed by Bush to be the chairman
of the SEC.


The Bush-Bin Laden Connection

According to Judicial Watch a public interst law firm in Washington
D.C. Bush's father worked for the Bin Laden family when he was on the
board of directors of the Carlyle group.


Former President Bush Works for International Investment Firm With
Ties To Saudi Arabia
Company Had Bin Laden Family Connections
article archived below:


The article goes on to suggest that Bush gave the Saudis the 'kid gloves'treatment after 9/11/01 despite
the fact that the majority of the hijackers were Saudis. Unger himself
supports this assertion by stating, "Over time the Bin Laden's did
business with such icons of western culture as Disney, the Hard Rock
cafe, Snapple, and Porrsche. In the mid-nineties they joined various
members of the House of Saud in becoming business associates with
former Secetary of state James Baker and former President George H.W.
Bush by investing in the Caryle group..."(Unger, 6)

The article goes on to suggest that due to George Herbert Walker Bush's financial dealings with the Bin Laden group and the Saudi Arabian government, "..it raises, in the least a conflict of interest problem." Judicial Watch goes on to suggest that Bush gave the Saudis the 'kid gloves' treatment after 9/11/01 despite the fact that the majority of the hijakkers were Saudis. Unger himself supports this assertion by stating, "Over time the Bin Laden's did business with such icons of western culture as Disney, the Hard Rock cafe, Snapple, and Porrsche. In the mid-nineties they joined various members of the House of Saud in becoming business associates with former Secetary of state James Baker and former President George H.W. Bush by investing in the Caryle group..."(Unger, 6)

The Judicial Watch article suggests that is possible that the US's
deferential treatment shown to Saudi Arabia could be derived in part
to Bush's father's, George Herbert Walker Bush's close relationship with the Saudi regime. George W .Bush also had indirect ties to the Saudis, especially with Salem Bin Laden,
Osama bin Laden's elder brother in the late 1970's and early 1980's.

Salem Bin Laden did so because he was desirous of gaining the Attention of Bush's father when he was Vice President and later President, by investing in his son's failing companies, Arbusto and Harken energy. George W. Bush was in Business with James Bath who was the personal representitive of Osama Bin Laden's elder brother, Salem Bin Laden. As Unger States:"...The Bin Laden's had ..indirect connections to Bush family and its allies. James Bath the american business representitive of Salem Bin Laden, knew both George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush. Khalid Bin Mafouz who was close
to the Bin Ladens and the royal family, had helped finance the Houston Skyscraper for the Texas Commerce Bank, in which James Baker had a significant stake. He also had ties to Bath." (Unger, 101)

source "House Of Bush House of Saud" by Craig Unger

Unger, Craig. "House of Bush House of Saud," Scribner, 2004

Proof of Saudi royal family connection to Al Qaeda

When Al Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah was apprehended in Pakistan in 2002 he was found to be in possession of a cell phone that had two Saudi princes telephone numbers on speed dial. After this was confirmed Both Saudi Princes died of Mysterious Ailments


The Great Escape
The US government allowed the Bin Laden family to fly out of the
country without being interrogated while all Air traffic had been
grounded in the days after the terrorist attacks. Certaintly this was
a sign of special treatment being accorded to the Bin Laden family by
Bush. Unger states; "On Tuesday, september 18th, at Logan Airport, a
specially reconfigured Boeng 727...had been chartered by the Bin
Ladens and flew 5 passengers, all of them members of the Bin Laden
family, out of the country from Boston."(11) The Bin Laden family was
allowed to leave the country without interrogation and was allowed to
fly when the FAA declared a ban on all privately chartered flights.
"The Commission's report omits the fact that the passenger Learjet
flew from Tampa to Lexington when restrictions on private plans were
still operative. " (Unger, 291)

George W Bush: A British Royalist Plot

Bush is also the descendant of English royalty on his mother's side.
According to this Guardian article George Bush is a direct descendant
of William of Normandy. According the guardian, "Mr. Bush has direct
descents from William the Conqueror, Henry II and Charles II according
to Burke's Peerage."


In conclusion I hope this paper establishes some reasonable doubt in
the minds of Americans concerning the benign qualities of our
president. Consider the fact that Al gore won the popular vote and
Bush had to use the republican dominated Supreme Court to legitimise
his presidency. The fact is that the Bush re election campaign
committed fraud and disenfranchised thousands of african americans.
Also Bush was counting on the Pearl Harbor Syndrome to give him
unlimited power after september 11, 2001. His approval ratings before 9/11 were
40-50% and right after 9/11 they skyrocketed.

The threat of Al qaeda, and the diversionary Iraq War, which by the way had no link to Al Qaeda, was what got Bush reelected in 2004. Americans tend to always rally around a President regardless of his agenda in a time of national security crisis. Towards the end of his presidency, his ratings nose dived again, after the TARP Bailout of the big Wall street Banks when the economy collapsed under his watch in november of 2007. Throughout his presidency he schemed for a way to use foreign policy and terrorist blackmail to make him a leader who circumvented civil rights, and civil liberties aka the Patroit Act, and the overall democratic process in the name of patriotism. In reality Bush's reckless spending was a means to an end, the extreme conservative plan to eventually defund the social safety net, social security and Medicare, on the red herring platform of deficit reduction and fiscal responsibility.

update: 5/5/2011 Bush refused to attend a wreath laying ceremony at Ground zero after President Obama had announced that Bin Laden Had been killed by Navy Seal team 6.